About us…

Founded in 2016 in the middle of the cultural melting pot of La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, the label Vitruve Records held by 3 musicians whose love for music is matched only by the stylistic eclecticism that allows this structure to propose and promote a range of styles constantly evolving.

The days having only 24 hours in our countries, we limited ourselves for the moment to create the structure to welcome the artists who make us vibrate and to promote their production as far as our means. In the long term we wish to integrate a participative functioning in order to increase appreciably the level of activity of the label by integrating each group representative as an actor of the structure.

The website on which you are now, is a long term project which allows us, in addition to our presence in most of the concerts of the bands of our catalog, to sell and distribute the music of our artists internationally.

We are of course always open to discover new artists from all horizons, so don’t hesitate to contact us via the form.

have a good listening!

David, Fred and Nef /// Vitruve Records – 2022