Arabelle & The Gallows Birds


Arabelle & The Gallows Birds, a Swiss band based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, has been digging its musical furrow without concession for a dozen years. The Gallows Birds, currently 2 guitarists and 1 drummer, serve the compositions of Arabelle, singer, bass player and songwriter. 

The music is tense, pulses, unties and tightens, in a luminous, melancholic, sometimes dark energy, around the voice which, by its emotions, its intensities, dictates the measure and the tempo. The lyrics are imagery, borrowing from the forces of nature and dream worlds.

It has been written that their music is romantic and wild, poetic and bewitching or even desperate. It’s probably no coincidence that the band has had the privilege of sharing the stage with artists such as Hugo Race, Lydia Lunch, And Also The Trees, Pierre Omer, The Dead Brothers and a few others.

It’s rock, it’s indie rock, it’s Arabelle & The Gallows Birds.